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Sponsors and Partners

Hiatus Ranch is proud to recognize these organizations and individuals whose generous support allows us to
provide programs to combat suicide among military veterans, first responders, and active military.

Our sponsors and partners share our deep dedication to
help those who choose to keep us safe.
To help them heal, and learn to value their life
and their contribution to us all.

Our Sponsors

The Stillwater Foundation

The Stillwater Foundation seeks to promote global well being by supporting organizations that provide youth development and education, contribute to medical research and outreach, and promote environmental stewardship.

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Wilson Construction

Wilson Construction Company stands united as a team for the highest quality products and services, leading the industry and exceeding customer expectations, while providing a safe and respectful workplace that promotes the excellence in each of us.

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Cactus Pete’s Casino

Midland Radio

Ray Allen Manufacturing

Ray Allen Manufacturing continues to be the only supplier of working dog equipment with a complete offering of all the products necessary to properly train K9’s, including tactical gear. We are persistent in developing new and innovative tactical dog products for this ever-expanding industry and always welcome new product ideas from our loyal customers or anyone in the business for that matter.

Even now, our mission remains the same: To Be The World Leader In Quality And Innovation Of Professional K-9 Equipment For Police, Military, Schutzhund and Ring Sport; Exceed Our Customer’s Expectations; And Deliver On Time, Every Time, At A Fair Price.

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Falls Brand

Flag Store of Idaho

Our Partners

Higher Ground

The veteran program, across all HG chapters, provides week-long and day programs for active-duty and veterans pre- and post- 9/11 with “invisible injuries” including TBI, PTSD, MST, and polytrauma.

Higher Ground offers a variety of activities and programs for people of all abilities. HG prides itself on serving participants nationwide of all race, color, religious creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and marital status.

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Hyperbaric Health and Wellness Foundation

The Hyperbaric Health and Wellness Foundation designed a special Veterans Hyperbaric Program for veterans suffering from TBI and PTS. According to Brain Health & Healing Foundation, all DoD/VA and Army sponsored studies have consistently shown an improvement in symptoms and cognitive deficits from baseline measures. This program is offered at no cost to veterans that meet the criteria.

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Idaho Backcountry Veterans

We are an outdoor nonprofit created for our Veterans to enjoy quality hunting, fishing, and other sporting activities.

Idaho Backcountry Veterans aims to get as many of our war impacted vets as possible into the outdoors to heal in a way that only Mother Nature can.

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Saddles in Service

Our Mission is to combat the suicide rates of Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders and to promote mental health wellness and healing to these Heroes and their families through equine-assisted learning and activities.

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Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is a family run rescue. 

Owned and operated by Deida and Duane, their daughter Skylar. We have 12 horses and donkeys of our own, and several small animals! 

Sky Ranch is on 24 acres located in Hailey Idaho near the famous Sun Valley resort. Grass pastures, heated stalls, outdoor arena, access to trails. Come take a tour!

Sky Ranch provides a safe place for donkeys and miniature horses where they are treated like family until they find their own.

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Idaho Mustang

Idaho Mustang was created in 2009 to educate the public how amazing these animals are. This is a completely volunteer group that had no board members, politics or club dues. You must have a branded mustang or burro to volunteer in Any events the club does. Clinics, trail rides, expo events, parades, show and tell to list a few things the club does to educate the public. You can follow us on Facebook or call or email the founder Becky 208-463-0656 or email

Veterans Reloading Assistance Program, Inc.

Veterans Reloading Assistance Program, Inc. (VRAP) is a 501 (c) (3) , and assists current and former veterans of the Military, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and Dispatch, in the calming motions of reloading their own ammunition. Reloading is used to offset the PTSD we gained by the things we have seen and heard, by assisting Veterans in the calming, repititious motions of case prep and reloading.
VRAP supplies all equipment, literature and training to become proficient in reloading.
Josh Bowyer was raised USAF, base-hopping all over the lower 48. Currently lives in Carey, Idaho, and works as a Clinical Engineer at St. Lukes Wood River, maintaining medical equipment. Also currently employed by Carey Rural Fire & Rescue, with 21 years experience. Started reloading in 1992.
Brian Hamel was raised in a New England fishing town, was a corrections officer and avid hunter. Moved to ldaho ~30 years ago, and reloads in off-season from hunting and fishing.
  Josh Bowyer
P.o. box 351
Carey, ID 83320
Cell#: 509-688-9715