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Hiatus Ranch seeks to help combat veterans through its animals

By October 30, 2020No Comments

SHOSHONE, Idaho — Many veterans returning from combat tend to be affected by trauma from their experiences. One local veteran is working to help other combat veterans who need comfort and rest through the animals on his ranch.

Joshua Burnside, the founder and president of Hiatus Ranch of Idaho Inc. was in the U.S. Army for 13 years and served in two combat tours in Iraq as a combat engineer. He was injured in 2011 and medically retired in May 2013. Suffering from PTSD, Josh looked towards drugs and alcohol to deal with the trauma and ease the pain, which failed, leading to attempting suicide.

Originally from Tennessee, a friend invited him to Idaho for a program called “Higher Ground” based in Sun Valley, where they were hosting a veteran ranch rodeo. Despite being hesitant at first, Josh decided to attend and fell in love with the lifestyle.

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