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An exciting and new chapter is on the horizon.  Hiatus Ranch is expanding their services and outreach.  The “Hiatus Ranch K9 Program” will officially launch on January 1st.  The K9 Program will pair veterans with highly trained and skilled service dogs. Participants will assist with the training, handling and caring for the dogs. Veterans will run through a selection process to ensure the best canine placement according to the veteran’s needs and personality compatibility. Hiatus Ranch will use the funds raised to purchase canine training equipment, food, kennels, collars, leads, and marketing collaterals. What makes the Hiatus Ranch K9 Program different from other veteran assisted programs is the proven quality of the canine genetics bred specifically for intelligence, temperament, capability, and stability.


Former US Army combat veteran, Josh Burnside founded the Hiatus Ranch of Idaho – a Veteran Rehabilitation Program. The Ranch provides military veterans with a 42-acre safe space allowing them to breathe, reflect, and regain control of their lives. War can have a detrimental effect on a soldier’s physical and mental health. Direct exposure to interpersonal violence can evoke mental distress, depression, anxiety, PTSD and ultimately could lead to suicide. No one knows this more than Josh himself. His personal journey and the support system that surrounded him saved his life. Josh took his journey and created this rehabilitation resource that provides combat veterans with a “30-day Working Ranch Experience”. Participants stay on the ranch, interact and care for horses, cattle, sheep, alpaca, pigs, goats and other rescue animals through daily chores and projects to accomplish. Veterans learn basic horsemanship and animal husbandry. An incredible group of both medical doctors and financial professionals have generously donated their time and services for each participant as needed.


For more information on the K9 program please contact Joshua Burnside at