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The veteran program, across all HG chapters, provides week-long and day programs for active-duty and veterans pre- and post- 9/11 with “invisible injuries” including TBI,PTSD,MST, and polytrauma. The first step is to fill out an application below to be considered.

Higher Ground offers a variety of activities and programs for people of all abilities. HG prides itself on serving participants nationwide of all race, color, religious creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and marital status.

Comprehensive Hyperbaric Treatment Program for deserving veterans struggling with TBI and PTSD.

The Hyperbaric Health and Wellness Foundation designed a special Veterans Hyperbaric Program for veterans suffering from TBI and PTS. According to Brain Health & Healing Foundation, ALL the DoD/ VA and ARMY sponsored studies have consistently shown an improvement in symptoms and cognitive deficits from baseline measures. This program is of- fered at no cost to veterans that meet the criteria.

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Understanding, embracing, and leveraging personality diversity.

Certified Equilibria team.

Leverage personality diversity to improve self-awareness, communication, teamwork, and leadership with the E-Colors philosophy.

Equilibria are personality diversity experts whose purpose is to develop and deliver world-class coaching and consulting solutions to empower individuals, teams and companies to act with conscious awareness and intentionality in order to realize their potential and achieve their desired results.