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Our Mission

“It’s easy to feel the value of existence in this spot”

Hiatus Ranch of Idaho is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization located in Shoshone, Idaho working to end Veterans, Active Duty service members and first responder suicide.

The Mission

Our mission is to restore the mental, physical, emotional health and vitality of veterans, active duty, first responders, rescue horses, and animals in a tranquil, structured environment while providing housing, meals, optional mental health services, financial management as a part of a rehabilitation program.

Our Vision

When we are able to take space in environments that are intuiting supportive, structured and secure, we all are most able and likely to breathe more deeply and pause to reflection our lives-where we’ve been, and where we desire to go. At Hiatus Ranch, we envision being a world renowned provider of safe spaces that allow some of the most vulnerable of us to breathe and reflect and regain control of our lives.